Welcome to Scrimbles, where I share my scribbles and sketches as I learn how to draw.

Plus, I share some ideas and philosophy about living a creative life.

I’m David, a writer who loves to pick up a pen and scribble.

As a child, I really wanted to learn how to draw. I spent hours copying cartoons. My favourites were Bugs Bunny and Garfield, plus the shark in the Usbourne book How to Draw. But my etchings always fell short of what I wanted them to be. Around the age of 14, I finished art classes at school, and gave up drawing altogether.

It was only 10 years later that I started drawing again, sitting at a table in the lounge while my wife watched TV. I’ve drawn on and off since then. Recently I met with lots of artists and sketchers. I realised I’ve got a lot to learn. That’s why I started this blog.

I’m here to share my drawing journey, and ideas about creativity that inspire me.

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