Recently, I’ve been sharing with my friends and family tips on how to draw.

A few of the things I’ve heard a lot are:

  • “I don’t know what to draw.”
  • “I don’t have enough time to draw.”
  • “I don’t feel confident in my drawings.”

In response, I’ve been saying:

  • Draw anything – especially things that give you joy or that grab your attention.
  • Draw quickly. Anyone can find five minutes for a drawing.
  • Have fun. It’s totally okay to make a mess.

One of the main lessons I’ve been sharing is  drawing with one line. One-line-drawing is always quick and lots of fun.

I’ve also encouraged my friends to use a waterbrush as this is a quick and easy way to add colour.

Here are some of the sketches “Mommabear” created:

My yellow teapot.

My yellow teapot.

Mums Drawing

Perfume bottle.



We also had a “sketch off” drawing Stikeez toys. Here’s Mammabear’s (she calls them squidgies) sketch:

Mums Drawing 4

And here’s mine:

Mums Drawing 3

Another day while out for a beer, I encouraged my friend Drift to draw a beer glass:


While Drift was adding colour, as often happens when you’re drawing in public, a stranger approached and started a conversation. The stranger identified himself as a pagan, and admired Drift’s loose, vibrant brushwork.

The stranger talked about how drawing can help you feel more in tune with all things, something I often feel when my drawing.

He then commented on Drift’s drawing: “I like it. I like it a lot. There’s madness in your perimeters.”

I think that’s a good aspiration for all sketchers.

May you, too, have madness in your perimeters.