Mistakes can be an artist’s best friend. That’s why I enjoy scribbling. If you allow yourself to play and be messy, who knows what will happen?

This website was born in a mistake.

I created Scrimbles as a place to share my drawings and scribbles.

I July 2016, I decided to start drawing something every day, even if it was just a five minute drawing.

In theory, the more I draw, the better I’ll get at drawing. In practice? We’ll see.

I wanted somewhere to share my drawing journey. I decided to create a drawing blog, and I needed a name.

This isn’t my first website, so I know it can be tricky to come up with names that:

  1. Make me happy.
  2. Capture the essence of the website.
  3. Have the .com available.

How do I overcome this problem?

I usually resort to the Idea Quota Technique. This is where you give yourself a set quota of ideas to come up with. Until you’ve reached the quota, you keep creating new ideas. Even if all your ideas are terrible, you have to keep going.

Typically, I give myself a quota of 100 ideas. Here’s how it usually works:

Ideas 1-40 ideas are the obvious ones. They’re okay, but nothing special.

Ideas 41-80 are terrible. Awful. As I write them, I think “I want to give up. How did I ever think I was a person who could come up with a single good idea?”

I hate myself. And I make myself keep going.

The final 20 ideas are the ones that really sparkle. I’ve made it through the dross and come out the other side. This is where the magic happens.

Confession: I’ve described this as a linear process, when often it’s much more haphazard. Most of the best ideas tend to come towards the end, but they also pop up randomly throughout.

When I was coming up with a name for Scrimbles, I set myself a quota of 100 ideas. I started writing them down on my pad.

At idea #4, I made a mistake. I meant to write “scribbles”. Instead, my hand ignored instructions from my brain and wrote “scrimmles”. “Scrimbles” was my next idea, combining scrimmbles and scribbles.

And that’s how Scrimbles  was born out of a mistake.

Have you ever made the most of mistakes in your art? Let me know in the comments.